Copywriting With Impact

The elusive SplinterCat springs headfirst into the trunks of standing trees looking for its preferred foods: raccoons and bees. SplinterCat strikes the trunk, and the crack resounds over the hills for miles around. That’s impact.

Be Heard: Speak With Impact.

SplinterCat is Mike Allen, and I write for the crafts, trades, and contracting businesses.

I’m a Portland, Oregon based copywriting professional with a blue-collar background. If you build, repair, or install for a living—if you work with your hands—I can help you communicate.

What I’m About

I take writing for a cabinetmaker, leather worker, or plumbing outfit as seriously as the writers at the athletics company take selling sneakers.

I’m familiar with WordPress, SEO basics, and the fundamentals of keyword-driven copywriting. But I write for humans first, robots second, since humans will buy your services. I write for results: to engage the reader with your business’ story.

And I understand the needs of people who work with things, rather than just concepts.

The Process

When we work together, we talk first. A personal interview is part of the process. If you have a shop, that’s a good place to meet. I come with research notes and questions, and together we figure out the best angle for your marketing copy or content.

What would you like to say to potential customers? What type of work do you primarily get right now, and what type of work would you like to get? Do you have a niche that has served you especially well?

Then you can return to your work, and I start on mine: researching your competition, gathering testimonials, and honing your message.

Why Bother?

Your business may be driven word-of-mouth recommendations, but those recommendations now go through an online vetting process. Which is to say that people Google you before they hire you. You have an opportunity to tell them why they should hire you rather than your competitor. Might as well take advantage of that.

Your website is the voice that you use with every potential customer. Make sure you Give It Impact.

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