What can SplinterCat do?

Besides crack open trees, SplinterCat can write and edit copy, write content, research keywords to help optimize your search engine results (SEO), and help hone your business pitch.

  • If you have a new website, I write the words to fill that digital space.
  • If you have plenty of copy on an old website, but it doesn’t shine, I can edit that.
  • If you still need a website, I’ll help you find great domain names that haven’t already been eaten by internet real-estate speculators.
  • I write titles, slogans, headlines, and taglines that are clever and intuitive.
  • If you need “content” beyond the copywriting of your landing pages, I’ll provide that too.

What is the difference between content and copy?

Copy is promotional. Copy inspires the reader to action, to make the call, to send the email, to click the button, to hire you. The front page of this website is copy: I want you to shoot me an email so that we can do business together. Content, in the sense that I mean right now, is primarily informational. This particular paragraph here is more content than copy: I’m simply informing you of the difference between content and copy.

Search engines like Google are increasingly sophisticated and are constantly striving to privilege information that people are interested in. Because of this, it no longer makes sense to outsource content writing to very low-wage word laborers that dash off sloppy prose at the speed of sound. No one wants to read that stuff, and the search engines can tell.

Why would you want to pay to provide free information to just anyone?

Well, most of your business may be generated through word-of-mouth, but if you run a widget repair business, and you want your website to be seen by people who are searching for “widget repair” on the internet, content will help.

It will help in at least three ways:

  1. Content gives your website a larger body of work for the searching public to find. If you make a target larger, it gets easier to hit.
  2. It helps drive your site toward the top of the search engine rankings for your search terms, by increasing it’s relevance to those terms. If you write weekly about widgets, you become a more relevant source on widgets.
  3. If your content says things that are relevant and unique, people will want to refer to you with “linkbacks,” which makes your site more authoritative in the search engine’s eyes (algorithms, eyes, whatever). If you clearly know the widget business, you become the go-to source on widgets.

Typically, “content” means a blog that you update weekly or better. It is difficult to find the time and inspiration to attend to this weekly chore. I will make the time.

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