About Mike allen

Who Is SplinterCat?

…and why is he so interested in the crafts and trades?

Mike Allen lives in Portland, Oregon and started his working life as an apprentice to his dad, an electrician. He liked working with his hands, but decided that crawling around in attics and sub-grade crawl spaces was not his thing, so he became a cook, and later a butcher.

He’s glad to have learned a skill that he still uses nearly every single day. But almost two decades of toiling in the hot kitchens and frosty butcher shops of Portland, it was time to finish school and learn a new skill set.

He obtained his Bachelor’s in English from Portland State University in 2012. While there he worked on the student newspaper, The Vanguard, and discovered a talent for picking out what was interesting about any interview subject he was assigned to, from classical musicians, to horticulturalists, to multi-media artists.

He’s maintained a couple of blogs over the years and has written on subjects as diverse as the Portland woodworking scene, Portland’s Cambodian community, and the mutually beneficial relationships between fungi and vegetables. When not writing, researching, or wrestling with code, he can be found in the woods, looking for food.

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