Benjamin Silver

A residential designer bought an old Spanish style house in my neighborhood and restored it to glory. I interviewed him and took photos for this piece that was published in a neighborhood magazine, Northeast Neighbors. Print only.


Home Sweet Cincinnati

I created this site for a small real estate holding and management company in Cincinnati, Ohio. The design is based on the eminently scalable “Eastend” theme by 7theme with a few CSS tweaks by myself. SplinterCat was responsible for all content creation, including copy and photographs.

The site is intended as an informational resource for people seeking rental housing and a promotional resource for the business. Potential customers are referred through common channels such as Craigslist and print classifieds.

Share Plus Two

SplinterCat created this website (from the excellent GeneratePress premium theme) and the copy for a client in essential oils sales. The entire project was handled by SplinterCat, from WordPress installation to writing and placing the copy. Deliverables included installation, a blogging program, WordPress training and all content, including original photography, design, and copy.

Hotmaple “About Us” Page

“About us” page for a local hot sauce company.

copywriting screen shot of Hotmaple's "about us" page

On the Table, Beneath the Surface

This article for PDX Magazine  pulls what’s interesting about the tradesman’s work from the interview process and translates it into an engaging story.

It consists of three profiles of Portland-area woodworkers whose tables, bars, and seating are in use in Portland-area restaurants. I interviewed three woodworkers for the piece: Justin Rideout of Rideout Designs, Brendan Alvistur of Alvistur Studios and Buck O’Kelly and Suzanne Bonham of Inventia Design.

Love is the Medium

In another piece for PDX Magazine, I interviewed Brian Reed of Old School Stationers, a one-man letterpress studio in Southeast Portland, to learn what letterpress is all about.

In addition to giving a rough outline of the printing business, the piece traces the blue-collar path that led Reed from offset printing in a medium-sized commercial shop, to printing his original artwork with a Chandler and Price 10 x 15 old-series platen press in a Portland basement.

Puddletown Plumbing

Working with Blue Deer Designs here in Portland, I created all the written content, did the branding and keyword research, and gathered the testimonials for Puddletown Plumbing’s website.


Mike Allen’s Heating & Electric Co.

This self-employed electrician had never had a website, nor had he given much thought to his “brand.”

For the copy I decided to focus on two core strengths of the his work: A considered and analytical approach to getting the wire through the walls that results in less surface destruction, and his dual specialties of HVAC and Electricity.

The first strength makes him ideal for older homes where not only is there sometimes a tangle of surprises behind the walls, but old plaster is hard to repair. The dual specialty means that whether your heat is down because of the heater itself, or the power, you know who to call. It also means that one contractor can finish a small HVAC installation in a day, rather than needing to call both an electrician and an HVAC guy out.

I put this together with the GeneratePress theme from Tom Usborn. GeneratePress is easily my favorite WP theme because it’s lightweight and responsive, yet incredibly customizable.

I also did the photography and some graphic design here, but that’s because these particular clients assume that I am a master of all modern technology. In fact, I had to learn a bit about vector graphics software just to do some simple tweaks to the logo. I’m always happy to learn more though.

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